Wednesday, May 20, 2015

28 Days of Silence Hillary Forced to Nonrespond to Six Questions

To the tune of a great sixties song
With her concealment, to this office Hillary does not belong
“Where have all e-mails gone, long time passing
Where has the email server gone, long time passing
Where has with Hillary the transparency gone, long time passing
Where have with the speeches in the millions income equality gone,  long time ethics passing
Where has honesty gone, long time passing”
When do we say to a royalty in waiting not a chance
You cannot meet the ethics or transparency requirements for the dance
Bring out Peter, Paul and Mary to blow away the concealment snow
Time for some honesty in a royalty coronation campaign to bring in tow.
After 28 days Hillary finally to her subjects chose to speak
You want us to believe because you are a woman the election is a mere formality for the office you seek
“Where has all the honesty gone, long time passing
Where has all the integrity gone, long time passing
When will the Presidency under your rule not be for sale?
Another Bill anteed up to a million dollar speech, long time passing on the campaign trail”
If you don’t like Peter, Paul and Mary, how about a Kenny Rodgers song?
When it comes to a champion for the middle class you don’t belong
Now you have made your millions with the speeches and Foundation quid pro quo
You want to reshuffle the deck and deal, to use a Black Jack metaphor, a  busting blow?
We mere mortals are smart enough to know in the political card game of life when to hold
For in your case of secrecy and concealment and scandal it is time for us on your coronation to fold
© May 20, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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