Monday, May 18, 2015

Sons of Anarchy for Real in Waco Twin Peaks

In a scene much worse than any Sons of Anarchy episode
Five motorcycle biker gang heading to Twin Peaks outlet along the road
Coming to a barbecue not for beer and beef but display their fangs
In colors like Bandidos and Cossacks, it was not about bikes to compare but about turf for drugs to sell
Any chance for diplomacy, the first punch or knife slash that idea to quickly dispel
A melee of over 400 fists, plenty of knives and deadly kicks with boots
Escalated quickly into open the fists as it escalated into a time to shoot
Nine bikers soon lay dead bleeding on the floor
The bruised and wounded added to the carnage by almost a score
What perhaps might come as not much of a surprise
No patron, bystander or cop was wounded or from a stray bullet met an early demise
Maybe Texans, even bikers, spend a lot of time not in a saddle but on the shooting range
More likely to hit what they aim at when shots are exchanged
170 of Waco’s "finest" were arrested and taken off the streets
From the list of franchisees, the franchisor did quickly delete
The sports cable package may have been diverse and beer may have been cold
But the melee and shooting had been clearly foretold
18 lawmen were waiting as the gangs started to arrive on scene
But until the shooting started inside, they did not intervene
Gang violence is a problem and this episode makes one want to suggest
Why not have for the gangs a gang shoot out all checked to make sure no bullet proof vests?
Let them bang away removed from homes, businesses, streets and schools
Last gang standing is awarded a year monopoly to sell drugs to the buying fools
Certainly would put a crimp in future gang membership and in crime the biker gangs cause
Even though the idea may be perceived as having some ethical flaws
© May 18 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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