Friday, May 29, 2015

Funny Friday At Starbucks Bristol and Jamboree

Starbucks has come a long way from banning its baristas from tattoos to display
A marketing light bulb quickly went on when bloggers vented their dismay
A quick look at the caffeine seeking customers pouring through a Starbucks door
Would reveal that one in four or five adults would have one tattoo and maybe more
To the company’s credit they acted with coffee grinding speed
The tattoo banning edict, baristas no longer must heed
This poet’s impression is that the baristas are a devoted, customer friendly lot
Main reason why there are so many locations and why so much coffee is bought
Today is Friday and it is my pleasure to report as I enjoy a Sumatra refill Gold Card free
At Starbucks in Newport Beach, corner of Bristol and Jamboree
The barista spirit is alive and a sense of humor competes with the coffee aroma in the air
For the female baristas dressed in black all are sporting apparent facial hair
At first glance this author of Ridley’s Believe It or Not which on factoids, holidays and quotes is the last word
Experienced a wave of panic and doubt as to his secret sources within him stirred
Did I in today’s Ridley's Believe It Or Not somehow did a holiday get lost in the fog?
Did I miss National Fake Mustache Day which means an embarrassing reblog?
A friendly barista quickly calmed my growing terror
Assured me I had not made an error
Today at this outlet only is Funny Friday and drawn or fake mustaches carried the vote
Just another reason to at this location more time devote
A special mention to a barista named Stevie as a new hire did not know
That a fake or drawn mustache she was supposed to show
Not to panic and showing that in addition to service, baristas can adapt
With a flair of creativity quickly tapped
A few black dots on the inside of her index finger then curled to her upper lip
VoilĂ , the perfect mustache without the need of any adhesive to grip.
© May 29, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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