Monday, May 4, 2015

L.A. Riots Deja Vu If No Coviction In Baltimore?

The mantra in Baltimore has been “No Justice, No Peace”
In a rush to file, it may also mean “No Conviction, Riots Will Not Cease”
Grey was not a saint by any means but he did not deserve to die
Mosby’s rush to charge 2nd Degree leaves even Dershowitz wondering why
There are always two parties to a crime, the victim and the ones who it  committed
Innocent until proven guilty even a cop when guilt is not admitted
If Justice means that all or some of the Baltimore Six must guilty be found
Or Baltimore will face another looting and burning round
Then something about our legal system is really remiss
When at a preliminary hearing the murder charges a judge may be dismiss
In her rush to charge so the rioting she could defuse
Mosby has not really thought through what happens if at trial she should lose
Something tells me also that a negligence conviction only is not going to work
And if that comes down instead of murder, Baltimore is going to go berserk
She needs to replay the tape of Rodney King being beaten by the LAPD
Out in the open not hidden in a van, a vicious attack, for the entire world to see
One would have thought here comes a conviction for assault as the D.A. could not lose
Yet after seven days when the jury came back with a verdict of not guilty for three they did choose
And as to the fourth a jury hopelessly hung
Within minutes the 1992 Los Angeles riot had begun
For six days and nights L.A. looked worse than the shelling and the fires raging in war torn Beirut
53 dead, 2,000 injured, $1 billion in property lost, steets jammed with thousands carrying stolen loot
The four LAPD members all white convinced the judge in downtown L.A, they could not get a fair trial
So over the D.A.’s feeble objections, the  Court moved the trial to Simi Valley away by 42 miles
Not as many blacks there on a jury to serve
Only need one holdout for a not guilty verdict to preserve
Mosby will face the same problem as the defense will most likely to a suburb want to move
More whites in the jury pool and easier to pick a jury with many blacks removed
Possession may be nine tenths of the law but expectations determine 99 percent of how the population will have reacted
If not guilty or guilty only of negligence, dime against a dollar the ensuing riot will be violent and it will be protracted
An when the dust has cleared and the fires have gone out and rubble clogs the streets
The feds will step in and the defendants charges of violations of civil rights  they will meet.
And like the beaters of Rodney King
The jury this time jail time will bring
But in the rush to charge when many of the facts are not in
Ms. Mosby has bitten off too much and will find it hard to win.
© May 4, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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