Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ramadi Falls ISIS Nonstrategy in Shambles

The finger pointing over the loss of Ramadi to ISIS grows larger each day
Our Secretary of Defense alleges the Iraqis do not want to fight as just ran away
The Iraqis push back and blames the U.S for its lack of air strikes
Low and behold Psaki, the equivalent of Baghdad Bob, comes to the mike
With her typical straight face she states that we have launched “thousands” to ISIS fighters debase
Even though most of the 14 sorties per day don’t drop and return bomb laden to base
Shades of the Vietnam War with LBJ micromanaging each day’s target list
Obama’s minions are repeating the error making it impossible for an air campaign to exist
From over 1,000 daily sorties daily with tons of bombs daily in Desert Storm
A mere 14 sorties a day most not dropping has become the norm
With no forward observers on the ground even these few gnats are flying blind
Whoever in Obama’s administration can claim the “strategy” is working is out of his or her mind
While weapons given to the Iraqis end up quickly in ISIS hands
The Kurds are literally be forced to fight ISIS with clumps of sand
Never in the history of this nation have we been led by a CinC who is completely inept
His only interaction with his generals is to fire those whose military advice he refuses to accept
How could any parent or spouse not fight tooth and nail
To keep their child or spouse from heading off to a war doomed to fail
All we hear out of this golfer in chief is that we are not losing spin
No ringing declarations of we will provide our forces with everything needed to win
From an almost insane aversion to identify radical Islam as the enemy and give it a name
To at hyper speed always demonize and point a finger of blame
We as a nation have in our short 239 years
Overcome a lot of disasters, wars, crisises, met them and overcame our fears
God willing we will survive the declining few months of Obama’s term
Only due to the resilience of our people as this golfer in chief cannot the lessons of history learn
If Hillary dodges the growing scandals and the White House can occupy
A national month of prayer we will need she will distance herself from Obama’s positions sane and rational citizens should decry
© May 27, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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