Tuesday, May 26, 2015

No Victory; Only Hell In War

Put yourself as an 18 year old wondering if in the armed forces he should enlist
To heed the call of patriotism for the march of radical Islam to resist
Images of beheadings of men, women, and children of young and tender age
The new barbarians of the 21st Century ready to unmitigated butchery wage
Listen to the voices that will be bouncing off the Kevlar encasing his or her head
He or she is the young American who must volunteer to run the risk of being maimed or end up dead
When their commander in chief steps up to the podium to the War on Isis address
Will they hear the ringing Churchillian like clarion call for evil to stamp out and suppress?
Not to merely contain like a virus but an urging to this pestilence eradicate
With the full and complete power of this nation to insure that such death will be the only acceptable fate
Images of a tide of battalions of tanks and waves of bombers, drones, fighters and gunships like vultures blotting out the sun
Wherever, whenever these rodents live they will be trying to dodge the lethality of American guns
Overlaid by images of our flag rippling in the wind whether on Surabachi’s crest or the cratered soil of Khe Sanh
Or the Highway of Death where Iraqis were slaughtered by a stifling avalanche of American air power brawn
Not a few daily gnat strikes but 24/7 of death from the air from dawn to dawn
Any compassion for these savages to be completely withdrawn
No matter how much force and abundance of armor, artillery and death from the sky
Our young man or woman volunteer will still face a chance to be wounded or die
If this young man or woman will be put in harm’s way, this is a war we must win
Not have a commander in chief with his jayvee team or terror on the run spin
Radical Islam he must call out and clearly identify
Rally the nation to the call of we must win or we and civilization will die
Instead of calls for victory we hear weakly that against ISIS we are not losing
When it dealing with ISIS he’s the poster child for a lack of urgency, almost like we are merely cruising
The commander in chief in Iraq against all advice in Iraq cut and ran
Allowed the ISIS barbarians to into the vacuum  march unopposed across the dessert sands
All the families of those young men and woman who bled and died in a surge that created an Iraq reasonably stable
Must be in a state of outrage that under this administration their children died in vain while he spun the status of forces agreement fable
ISIS knows what it has to do to turn Syria and Iraq into a breeding ground Caliphate
A sanctuary and springboard to attack all other civilized Western states
God help us as we have two years of this ineptness to endure
With a great chance that his former Secretary of State will prevail, continuing the plight of our being less secure © May 26, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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