Friday, May 15, 2015

Fair Trial in Boston Duty of Muslims from ISIS

A tale of two cultures, a study in sharp contrast
And why the blood lust of groups like ISIS cannot allowed to last
A fair trial by ISIS is rarer than a netting of Nessie from Loch Ness
Only the sound heard is that of a knife slicing through victim’s neck’s flesh
In Boston despite the nature of their crime to set off a bomb at the finish line
We in America the standard for a fair trial we defined
We did not shoot the surviving brother, we did not on the spot his martyrdom wish fulfill
Instead we provided him with counsel, flew over his family over here, and provided them with shelter, food and security and paid for all the bills
We spent a ton of money without hesitation or complaint for him to have a fair trial
Millions more on the appeals as he lawyers will try to avoid his walking in the future the Green Mile
We all know people come here to better themselves economically but also to freedoms enjoy
Press, expression, worship, warrants, probable cause, search and seizure to name but a few all of which ISIS wants to destroy
Today we heard a proof of life broadcast from the ISIS head
Preaching the duty of all Muslims to attack the infidels until they are all dead
In his sick mind, Islam is not a religion of peace; it is a religion of war
A chilling reminder of what if we drop our guard will be for us in store.
© May 15 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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