Saturday, May 16, 2015

Romney vs. Holyfield the Winner Is Charity Vision

Mitt Romney is obviously a brave man
To run and win as governor in the bluest state of the land
To run for President disowned partially by his party’s rabid right
To pick an unknown governor to join him in the election fight
To risk a business reputation hard earned at Bain
To rescue a Salt Lake City Winter Olympics quickly going down the drain
All with the integrity of his faith to leave Stanford and missionary work to attend
A man of principle unlike his opponent whose new growth Pinocchios seemed never to end
But the bravest or perhaps the most foolish act was to get into a ring
To see how many dollars for Charity Vision the event would bring
Not just anyone, but the former cruiserweight and heavyweight champ Holyfield
Who in his prime almost every boxer he faced would be forced to yield
One punch and Romney’s days on this planet would most likely end
Be it a right cross or deadly hook coming around an unseen bend
Worse, Evander would not wear an Obama or a Candy Crowley mask
For Mitt just staying alive seemed an impossible task
But the gods of charity soothe even the most aggressive of men’s souls
Evander barely jabbed and after two rounds Mitt danced away having met his  stay-alive goal
And Charity Vision raised a cool million without having to pay someone to give a high priced speech
Thanks to Evander and Mitt, think of all the people with vision problems those two rounds will reach
© May 16 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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