Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hillary Calls for Restoration of Trust in Politics Really

Trust of a leader can be stronger than millions of strands of a spiders web in a tight weave
It will cause one to follow into the gates of hell to support the positions and act that person believes
But trust can also be more fragile than the gossamer of a butterfly’s wing
Or the white snow flake gently fluttering to earth in the early spring
It can vanish in a blink of an eye
Quicker that a puddle of water disappears in a Death Valley July
But once damaged or gone it is difficult without diversions and major damage control to repair
Especially when the leader’s ethical cupboard again and again reviewed seems all but bare
If you want to repair trust without changing behavior polish off the hypocrisy skills and straight face
Ramp up the ability to defame the critics who exposed the scandals and with your supporters their credibility try to erase
Hillary Clinton in what has to be the number one hypocrisy event of her early campaign
Issued a plea that based on her history of nontransparency and secretiveness, it is hard to not view with distain
That among Americans, “we must urgently rebuild the bonds of trust and respect”
Nice sounding words as calls to see her private server she continues to reject
She called to restore trust in our politics, our markets and our press
All the while save for the Clinton Foundation’s latest scandal, investigations the media seems to suppress
She asked to restore trust between neighbors and those politically with whom we disagree
Noble, empty words as the author of Clinton Cash is portrayed as a right wing hack figuratively worthy only of the nearest tree
Noble, empty words from one who has a large and enduring enemies’ list
Of anyone who has had the temerity to her ideas and actions resist
This woman in her campaign mind wants to be the champion of the middle class
But since Whitewater she has been the Reigning Queen of utmost secrecy during her entire past
She is a smart woman but seems not to fathom that secrecy implies deception making it hard for mere mortals to trust
Especially if you are a Clinton who the laws they seem always able for their gain to ignore or adjust
She is a smart woman but seems not to fathom that millions for a book advance
Means you’re not dead broke on leaving the White House, no way not even the remotest chance
She is a smart woman but seems not to fathom how mere mortals work a decade to earn what she or her husband earn in an hour speech
Many times before a group that has contributed to her foundation and with matters before State and favorable rulings it wants to reach
She is a smart woman but seems not to fathom how mere mortals can accept her attack on accountable money in the presidential campaign
While she will raise over a billion from PACs and Wall Street millionaires not from ideology but a quid pro quo sense of in her office they will have free reign
Foreign governments cannot contribute directly to her campaign
But after being caught, a select group's millions to her foundation will not wane
If she really wants to be a champion of the middle class, have the foundation return all money from foreign states and take no money from any donor of more than one grand
Make that the clarion call for campaign reform and championship of the middle class across this great land
We mere mortals no longer trust her but as Americans we are a very, forgiving sort
A sincere apology for her misdeeds with a sincere no repeat pledge might be her only valid resort
© May 3, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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