Friday, May 8, 2015

Another Black Man Shot by White Cop

This has to be one of a cop’s worst nightmares
And why there is so little delay before bringing a gun to bear
A 911 call from a victim of a home invasion in progress
Voice clearly in panic mode, clearly in distress
Come quick they are going to kill me, they have guns
And for the police their potential nightmare with the call had just begun
Two deputies quickly respond to see a bullet hole and a door kicked in
Looks like the home robbers have chalked up a win
One to the front and the other to the back door
Out comes Brian Heyward with a gun and the command drop it he chose to ignore
No time to delay, his own life he had to protect
One shot and Heyward is down, hit in the neck
Slight problem the man shot was not a robber but the owner
Definitely for the deputy shooting, a big time potential boner
In the heat of an adrenalin rush with the robbers exchanging shots
Coming out the back door was probably a reflex given not much thought
15 miles away from a spot where weeks earlier an unarmed black man running away
Was gunned down by a white cop to anyone watching the video a case of murder of murder on display
For the sake of the community, in the ambulance, Heyward gave a statement that the gun he should have dropped
Such honesty should mean that another Ferguson like riot should in its tracks be stopped
The police and community immediately without hesitation on this shooting met to confer
That response and the voice recording of Heyward will go a long way for calm to insure.
Society was lucky as it dodged the proverbial racial riot bullet this time
Even so as events in Baltimore show the police have steep mountain of distrust  to climb
 © May 8, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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