Tuesday, May 12, 2015

IRS Continues to Seize Assets Without Charges Filed

Thanks to the heavy handed tax policies of King George the III
At Lexington on April 19, 1975, a shot around the world was heard
No taxation without representation was the battle cry
Men and women were willing to endure all hardships, to starve, freeze, bleed and for almost 7,000 soldiers and sailors in battles die
Today, we have a far too distant Congress that we by direct vote elect
And a Bill of Rights that excesses of governmental authority is supposed to reject
But when it comes to taking of property without due process
The IRS in its war on cash businesses clearly the 5th Amendment suppress
If you are a small business and take in as a matter of course a lot of cash
If you deposit less than 10 grand in its zeal the feds assume it’s from the sale of stash
The feds call it structuring, attempts to avoid banks having to a cash deposit report
A convenience store own would call it not having enough cash on hand to a robbery support
When it comes to civil forfeiture, the IRS has become a rogue agency—its acts absurd Seizing over $250 million and not filing charges as to the victims numbering about a third
Instead of innocent until proven guilty, the IRS our 5th Amendment chooses to debase
The victim with his bank accounts frozen has the burden of proving his case
It is extortion, theft under the illusion of law that needs to end
Assurances by the arrogant, pompous head of the IRS have not slowed this trend
The IRS knowing that it is almost impossible for business owners to fight the IRS in court
Know they can cut a deal, keeping enough funds for junkets or other waste, while the hard working owner comes up short
Time for small business owners to from their representatives demand
That seizing assets without a verdict cannot be the law of the land
No taxation without representation and now no seizure of accounts without a jury of one’s peers
With all the terror threats we face, we do not need to add the IRS to our growing list of fears
© May 12, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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