Friday, May 8, 2015

Dover Cop Kicks Complying Man In Head Finally Charged

Watching the video of a black man being kicked by a cop in the head
Is a chilling reminder that police community relations seem moving backward not ahead
Worse, a grand jury not charging for reasons that should totally escape any viewer of this tape
A black man starting to kneel down to comply not resisting or trying to escape
His body led by his head approaching the ground as ordered by the cop
Making it easier for a kick to his head and unconscious to the ground he plops
Jaw broken by a corporal Webster not some rookie with no experience or training on the proper use of force
At yet the grand jury did not indict which should have been a routine matter of course
Webster was allowed to return to active duty with pay
No wonder across the country the black communities are in total dismay
The victim even with a broken jaw and maybe a concussion from Webster’s kicking blow
Was lucky he started to comply, did not resist so a bullet wound this officer did not bestow
Finally a second grand jury did the right thing
And charges against officer Webster it did bring
Dover was lucky the victim was not killed,  only knocked out
So seething anger over police brutality caused not a riot from breaking out
Each time with video evidence ignored even though in a D.A.’s or grand jury’s face
More and more distrust of the police with respect of or belief in them is replaced
Each time another unarmed citizen is shot or maimed harder and harder to believe such brutality is not more widespread
How many more citizens, black, brown, or white are going to be maimed or shot dead?
Before we spend more time on police psychological fitness screens
More time reviewing the manner of arrests randomly of body cam scenes?
More time creating a culture of force as the last resort?
More time spending with the community to gain their support?
More effort for the police to police their own who use force to violent excess
Not be a bystander and to the use of excessive force not acquiesce
More effort on how to break the symbiotic relationship of D.A.s and the police
So hard to prosecute police when you need their testimony to prevent your charged felon from being released.
More outreach to the community of how for your own safety respond to a stop or arrest?
Even if perceived to be unlawful, have faith the illegality will be properly addressed
Far better than resisting and in the passion of the moment taking a bullet in the chest
Leaving your family with only a wrongful death suit after being laid to eternal rest
© May 8, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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