Saturday, May 30, 2015

Look for the Union Hypocrisy Label

We always knew politicians are the acme of hypocrites
Dumping principles to chomp on the campaign contribution bit
No one when it comes to hypocrisy can a politician surpass
Dangerous untrustworthy creatures that have the ability to laws pass
Especially when they couple hypocrisy with well planned deceit
To insure opposition to their goals go down to defeat
But perhaps to no one’s surprise
In the hypocrisy derby, union leaders may win the prize
Union leaders in Los Angeles have been in the forefront to raise the minimum wage in L.A.
Spending thousands of dollars of dues to bring their waning political on display
The poor struggling on minimum wage have a new champion for the battle has been won
The minimum wage thanks to the unions will move up to fifteen dollars an hour over time
But now to our dismay the seeds of hypocrisy planted by the unions we find
If an employer runs a union shop the new increased minimum wage does not apply
How many companies chasing lower wages will union organizing no longer defy
Win for the employer in the short term of lower wage rates
Win for the unions of more dues to fill the unions’ plate
Losers are of course are the workers who will not a higher wage receive
Forced to pay dues as a result of the unions’ attempts to deceive
Like the Trojans who took in the Trojan Horse and swallowed the bait
Employers should beware of unionization and the labor issues and increased costs that soon they will await.
© May 30, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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