Sunday, May 10, 2015

two more men in blue shot

If there is any doubt that wearing a badge puts one on a very lethal potential stage
Trying to protect a community and to the war on crime try to wage
Look to the news today on not a bank robbery or shootout only a traffic stop
Four black men soon arrested for killing in cold blood two cops
The headlines did not disclose the race of the cops or whether the race of the driver was known
Only that without warning two men in blue found themselves in a fatal dead zone
Statistics can always lie
And the generalization you would not want to rely
But from the data for whatever reason the person pulling the trigger is disproportionally black
No wonder a man or woman in blue, black or white, is one edge fearful on this stop he or she may not be coming back
A tragedy for the two families that even time cannot fully repair
A loss that no wife, child, parent, relative or friend should have to bear
As a grieving town begins to a celebration of life prepare
Where are the protests, the outrages, and the condemnation on the social media and on the air?
Where is Loretta Lynch with the ground not yet settled an investigation of the Blue Line to Investigate?
Black on black or black on white crime and the disintegration of the black family an investigation does not rate
Cummings had it partially right but missed the signs of a five alarm fire
Too many black kids without fathers, values normally provided tossed into a funeral pyre
All lives matter and the deaths of young black men we cannot long afford
Nor the river between black and white can we continue and not ford.
In quiet moments it is the time for us to all the Kerner Report read
And with rational non biased thoughts grope with how we cut down on the death, decrease the victims that bleed
© May 10, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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