Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bodies Not Buried and Blues Blame Reds

In a world of 24/7 news with not enough scandals, disasters, corruption, wars or shootings to fill the hours of a day much less a week
Pity the cable news networks as viewers’ attention they must hold and new viewers they must seek
Fox in the evening and early morning hours earlier programs it has to reuse
MSNBC beaten in the ratings airs programs other than its earlier news
But for both and CNN nothing beats viewer interest than a scandal as kindling to a flame
That immediately brings out the finger pointing blame
Case in point is the Amtrak tragedy of a trained which was derailed
Already in Congress the blame sounds like all are on the campaign trail
The Blues are crying that the Reds on this one have blood on their hands
Cutting back funding and destroying the infrastructure like Amtrak across this great land
A speed control system for this train had it been installed the derailment it would prevent
Project approved, money funded but not yet installed so money not yet spent
The bodies are not yet buried and some of the injured are still in their hospital beds
Yet it is the “heartless” Reds who are the sole reason why eight people are now dead
Political pandering at its very worse to cloud the real facts
The train travelling at over hundred miles per hour jumped the tracks
The search for facts has just started but it would seem the engineer committed a grave error
Resulting in over 200 passengers facing death, maiming and sheer terror
Instead of finger pointing and making political pandering to the press
Time to figure out the cause and safety issues, human and equipment, address
Management for its hiring policies and rules, the unions were quick to blame assign
Fair game for discussion to better safety rules design
If in a plane more than one person has to be in at all times the cockpit
Why not also in a train to human error a derailing cause an engineer to commit
Too many people still ride the trains especially the short hauls
To choke off discussion of the cause in place of a rush to have the “heartless” Reds take the fall
© May 14 , 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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