Sunday, May 31, 2015

Beau Biden R.I.P.

It’s sadly almost like a line far worse than Joe say it ain’t so
Once again a parent reverses the order and has to bury a son named Beau
It is almost impossible even for those of us even not as parents to comprehend
The grief and sadness when with or with warning a child’s life comes to an end
Joe Biden has been cursed to go through this gut wrenching scene twice
In 1973 when a wife and a daughter Naomi without warning paid the price
A son Beau beat the uncaring, rapacious Grim Reaper for 43 years
A son of wisdom, patriotism, family, no other way to put it a good man for 46 years
43 years ago Joe Biden at Beau’s bedside was as a freshman Senator sworn in
Today again at his bedside with family he had to endure the Reaper’s delayed win
No parent should have to endure what Joe Biden has just gone through
No man of faith should ever have to drink twice the devil’s brew
This is a time where all humans any differences shed
Be you Blue, Purple or Red
And together as one our busy lives stop and join in prayer
For the grace of a loving God to help Joe and his family this grief somehow bear
This poet is a theologian not and God’s actions a mystery will  always remain
But Joe Biden’s ability to cope with this grief and not lose faith should be pillars so germane
Beau Biden, may you rest in peace and Joe Biden may God surround you in grace
You and your sons represent the goodness in men next to impossible to replace
© May 31, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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