Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Day Another Scandal Now Blumenthal

If you had an employee who consistently would not obey her boss
What makes you think any requirements from another one she would not toss?
What makes you think she would be able to correct what seems to be a fatal character flaw
Unlike mere mortals she and her husband believe they are above the law
As the scandals involving her continue to into the open drip
For the Blues’ sake hope that she loses the coronation lock grip
Clear requirements from Obama as to Foundation funding reports
Either ignored or details woefully short
Clear requirements from Obama as to approval of his speeches
Instead bland, useless descriptions on content and the funding reach
We all now know about the private email server which the State Department finally blasts
Now we learn that a person banned by Obama from State  because of his checkered past
Is on the email link with Hillary in true Clintonian fashion while in Libya business trying to pursue
Memos of advice on dealing with post Khadafy and Hilliary trying to woo
Simon Blumenthal will now before the Benghazi committee testify
Some further insight how his friendship for his dealings he was trying to apply
If she ignored and did not Obama’s instructions follow
Who believes that her statements of transparency are anything but hollow?
Maybe due to the activities detailed in Clinton Cash
 As new one percenters, she and Bill can rise above the need to throw ethics and honesty into the trash
Would be nice to believe in human nature wanting to right thing believe
Not very likely given a lifetime of deception they seemed with great effort always weave
Hopefully the press after learning of Stephanopoulos as the equivalent of politics sleeper cell
Will start acting like the 4th Estate and probing questions on her record, trust, ethics, plans and fitness for the office dwell
No longer let her hide and to questions not respond
Not allow her to with needed discussions of the issues abscond
© May 20, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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