Wednesday, May 6, 2015

State condemns Hillary on Private E-Mails

Belatedly, like the farmer who closed the barn door after the cows had decided to vacate
Or the rancher after the horses had left the stable, belatedly closed the gate
Or the investor after the market totally went into free fall and crashed
Finally converted his stock positions purchased at the high of the bubble into cash
After all these weeks the State Department finally announces
That Hillary’s use of a private email server it renounces
State Department here is a scoop
The chickens of corruption have already left the coop
Maybe Clinton Cash which lays out in great detail
The link between the favors and the Foundation and the speaking money trail
Is finally turning on the light bulbs and piercing the for-convenience-shadows-in-the dark
One scandal too many, a pattern of contributions and speaking fees now make it time to from her royal yacht supporters disembark
Convenience to Hillary is to an increasing number of others looking like a premeditated planned attempt
To conceal the quid pro quos so she could waltz with little opposition to her coronation event.
No one going forward should want to defend someone who is unworthy of our trust
And whose deceptions and omissions fill anyone save the most rabid full of disgust
If as Bill loudly proclaims the allegations of quid pro quo will not fly
Watch the speaking fees shrink and the well of speaking opportunities run dry
Watch the dollars into the Foundation without Hillary as President start to shrivel
Instead of coming clean on the pattern of behavior and money all we get from the Clintons is drivel.
© May 6, 2015 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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