Sunday, December 6, 2020

Whether One Believes Georgia Runoff Is Rigged Or Not Do Not Stay Home But Vote To Keep Senate--Rig Will Be Stopped

 In the Senate Runoff will Trump's charges that the election was rigged cause them to stay away
If only a few hear the Blues' Siren call and stay home a majority for both Blues will on display
My message to those Reds thinking of note voting to keep the Senate Red
Please vote for at least the next two years your acts you will deeply dread

 With all due respect because no one wants to not have their vote balanced by an illegal vote cast on election day But to urge Reds stay home because it was rigged is a game stakes too high I would want to play With enough court orders and poll watchers not removed If rigged the chances that will not happen will be greatly improved Giving Biden a blank check to be ruled by Schumer and Pelosi would a disaster I am not ready to put my future and my kids future in a bunch of power mad leftist masters Biden may be too mentally gone to even know where the left wants him to go But that's not true for the Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and Harris prime time show

Want an open border to kill minority wages and youth with drugs, stay home

Want to see corporations fleeing to escape Biden taxes, stay home

Want to see jobs leaving to China and TPP stay home

Want energy independence to end, stay home

Want a repeat of troops sent here and there with reduced arms to bear, stay home

Want to see the streets unsafe, police crippled, stay home

You can do all that and hunker down but when Bozo comes gun calling you are now in an unsafe zone

To all my Republican friends instead

Vote and urge your friends to vote Red © December 6, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet Alaskanpoet for Hire, Poems to Admire Poet Extraordinaire Beyond Compare The Perfect Gift, All Recipients to Receive a Lasting Lift


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