Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Airbnb Mansion in Long Island with 400 Party-goers Bash Shut Down

 Airbnb has been a gold mine for people with second homes

Rental income from travelers who want to avoid high price hotel/resort zones

Often better locations, cheaper prices & much more space

Growing rentals by leaps & bounds & now an IPO with $30 billion valuation soon in place

Hotels and resorts in tourist venue magnets are through their cities fighting back

Seeking limits on numbers of renters Airbnb locations can attract

Now Airbnb has recently been the subject of more very unfavorable press

As cities & counties look to lock-downs & curfews to CV pandemic cases suppress

Closing bars and entertainment venues has put on parties a major damper

But with an Airbnb rental of a large home massive parties no longer hampered

Homes in the Hollywood Hills have been to neighbors distress like party hot spots

Hosting for an entrance fee massive parties with CV cases there spreading a lot

In Long Island someone rented a mansion for uses the owner must not have been told

400 tickets for a blowout party at this mansion were likely quickly sold

Total violation of NY CV gathering restrictions and the law was called

Quickly shut down what most likely was a deadly CV spreading ball

Cops looking 4 party host who if caught may be out a $15,000 fine

Mansion party that large is CV Russian Roulette with only one chamber empty defined

Another example of probably the partying young

Believing falsely the deadly virus won't be spread among

© December 2, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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