Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Test Positive And Fly Get Arrested As Soon As You Land in Kauai


The CDC may have loosened its recommendations for lengths of quarantine time
But in Hawaii it seems police are stepping up efforts to halt CV restrictions crime
A couple with a 4 year old returning to their home in Kauai
Were told at SFO Airport they tested positive and must not fly
Instead of officials taking their boarding passes to keep them on the ground
The three with their passes boarded and were soon in the air homeward bound
Police somehow were alerted of two virus carrying bodies on the flight
As soon as the plane landed the man and woman were arrested and read their rights
Both were released after posting $1,000 bail
If prosecuted and found guilty look for court decision on right of a state to travel curtail
Until we have a virus whose use gives up herd immunity from this disease
Our chances to curtail its spread will be difficult, not be  done with any sense of ease
Crammed into a plane breathing the same air like a bunch of tightly packed sardines
Is not a pleasant place to be sitting next to a couple testing positive who should be in quarantine
Since many infected can infect without any symptoms to reveal
Rapid testing should be done and boarding passes issued only if a negative test revealed
May be too draconian to then forcibly put positive tests into quarantine
Would be too much like out of a Chinese Police State scene

We need to be doing a better educating job
Hammering home to travelers if positive without quarantine another life to rob
© December 2, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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