Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Hoover Deja Vu? Biden to Keep Wray on as FBI Director


Hoover remained as FBI director until the day he died
Presidents during his tenure were of him so terrified
Most likely because he had the dirt on them and most politicians that if crossed
He could bring destruction of reputation, legacy and  a next election loss
Maybe or maybe not the dirt was there but who would a case against Hoover advance
The FBI praised on TV and in the movies was a sacred cow not worth the chance
Wray replaced Comey who was a partisan disgrace
Up until the votes started coming in he was sure Hillary would Obama replace
Comey’s FBI was already gathering false dirt, the Steel dossier
Thinking Hillary’s crimes would be concealed and Trump a loser would be on this way
Wray on the Email scandal and the Russian collusion delusion was during his tenure MIA
No way was any chance of prosecution against her ever going to see the light of day
But like a Hoover, Wray was smart enough to cover his tenure bets
Most likely uncovered evidence of Joe’s and Hunter’s foreign entanglements that would put them in his debt
No surprise that Biden is going to keep Wray on
He must have dirt that would end Biden’s time playing with Major on White House Lawn
Only question that remains to be seen
Is whether Trump axes Wray on the night of January 19
© December 2, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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