Wednesday, December 23, 2020

If the Coming Days Are the Darkest It Is Because We Will Have a Demented Man in the Oval Office


The first thousands of vaccines are heading to long awaiting arms
To fight the CV virus and giving us a sense of normalcy for which we all long
The vaccines even with Warp speed that years from now historians will shake their heads in disbelief
Came almost as when Trump promised to give us a chance to end this viral grief
The Blues who did everything they could to hope the virus continued to surge
A devastated economy Trump’s unbeatable suit to give them the chance to from office purge
Pelosi admitted that she stayed away for the CV stimulus negotiations
So the economy and lives would continue to suffer for which she merits damnation
As the light in the tunnel from vaccines will start to appear
What we hear from Bunker Biden  is the future we have most to fear
Had Biden been in office in place of Trump
The idea of Warp Speed would have never cleared the FDA round file dump
What little mental faculties he still tries to possess
Must be sounding off the alarms as his leadership will be under a crippling amount of stress
Biden means dark days coming of deaths, businesses lost
China driving to hegemony  and collateral damage of shutdowns adding to the cost
Unlike the Blues who prayed daily Trump would fail
This poet prays he succeeds before his mind really starts to bale.

© December 22, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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