Saturday, December 26, 2020

AOC Has No Business Going to Head of Vaccine

 Initially the CV vaccine is going to be in short supply

Americans seeking it are being told priorities will apply

First responders will go to the head of the line

If they continue to be infected a really deadly crisis we will soon find

Nursing homes next because as Cuomo so vividly demonstrated

Those residents infected have almost zero chance to have death not then fated

Likewise to those with immune systems due to disease severely compromised

Infect then and it’s almost like a New York City second before they are in demise

Then the elderly who are also a class most exposed

Maybe on even par with essential workers who prevent economy or government from being closed

No argument that elderly members of Congress and the Judiciary should not have to wait

But why should 31 year old AOC one of 435 step ahead and dine of the vaccine plate?

One can argue her ideas make her classified as mentally disabled

But that’s not a ticket to the head of the line vaccine table

This woman who cares only about publicity for herself

Really needs to be removed from our political shelf

Do as I say not as I due

Pathetic but too typical of political Blues

© December 26, 2020 The Alaskanpoet 

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