Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wakeup Call That the Good Earth Is No More In a War With Chinese Communist Party Who Wants to Replace Us


Probably ever since the publication of “The Good Earth”  by Pearl Buck
We have admired the Chinese peasants’ suffering and pluck
Built airbases for the Flying Tigers with almost only bare hands
Saved the Doolittle Flyers after Tokyo landing without fuel on their lands
Fought the Japanese attempt to the nation subdue
Despite thousands upon thousands of civilian casualties resistance grew
But today many of the descendants of those peasants are not peasants anymore
Ruled by the Chinese Communist Party that wants to on the world domination score
The party sees only one roadblock in its desire economically and politically to rule
That is the U.S. and anyone who believes we are not a target is a stooge or a fool
Blues seem to be in a fog and cannot see the fronts of this war
As intellectual property theft from the U.S. in the billions continues to soar
China looks to impose a hammer lock on many prescription and over the counter drugs
While secure in the knowledge that evidence of its espionage will be by MSM swept
under the rug

Confucius Institutes have spread up like weeds
Spewing propaganda under the guise of meeting Chinese language needs
Our universities and graduate schools are fertile grounds
To plant Chinese students many with ties to the  party to abound
Swalwell’s  liaison with a Chinese spy should be a wakeup call
Chinese efforts to dominate the world we have thus far failed to even try to hinder or stall
© December 9, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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