Thursday, December 31, 2020

Ending Section 230 Not a Poison Pill But a Poison Anecdote For Censorship Iron Curtain


In the political Devil’s Dictionary here is the definition of a “poison pill”
Anything inserted in legislation that will kill the bill
Even Fox quotes Sanders using the term in describing linking end of Section 230 Social Media shield to $2000 checks
Such a pejorative label for a link should cause many to the linkage reject
Here the poison is the Social Media Censorship Iron Curtain the left wants to retain
Instead of “poison pill” “poison anecdote” would be the better name
Loss of Section 230 would most likely cause the Censorship  Iron Curtain to shrivel and die
Free speech and a freely flowing stream of ideas in the marketplace would apply
People whose minds are shut off by censorship from ideas that oppose the PC line
Will soon find their ability to reason and think go into terminal decline
Even this avid supporter of “Fair and Balanced” Fox
Thinks the writer of the article using  “poison pill” merits a trip to the stocks
© December 31, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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