Sunday, December 27, 2020

Trump Holding firm on Cutting NonCV Pork and Raising Stimulus Checks


In Pelosi’s dictionary in addition to the word “compromise” you cannot find
Is “prioritize” a skill for which she is totally blind
Trump wanted to raise the stimulus checks to two grand
But what Pelosi and puppets at her beck and call don’t understand
To do that we cannot spend billions that do squat in CV fight
That are spent in foreign lands with little if any benefit to us or oversight
There will come a time when Kennedy Center has an urgent funding need
But not today, closed to CV while jobless Americans financial security bleeds
Trump unlike the Gourmet Ice Cream guzzling Botox Queen
Feels the jobless workers pain of being severed from the American Dream
Unlike her puppets and most career politicians today he has a spine
And not caving in to spending billions non CV related will be best for us over time
Simple message maybe too complicated in the Swamp Dwellers’ minds
Prioritize to eliminate the non CV pork so the additional $1400 per person we can find
Then after the 20th before with his taxes and regulations the economy he kills
Let Biden put forth his payment for getting elected , a nonCV goody bag bill

© December 26, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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