Sunday, December 6, 2020

Minorities on Minorities Shootings and School Closings A One Two Punch For Chicago

 Chicago is trying to cope with a lot of problems that would defy any mind

Daily the sound of gunfire as any sense of security is left further and further behind
Shootings of minorities on minorities are soaring off the charts
The perfect storm of defund the police and rising crime is tearing the CPD apart
When it comes to support of the thin Blue Line, the mayor is rightly named
Light on support for police but so quick to lay heavy the racist blame
Cops are leaving like a tsunami tide
How soon before no one is coming to you on the 911 ride?
If that issue were not enough ad the school closures to the chaos mix
Both children and parents are of virtual learning only totally sick
What is the teachers’ unions’ response to reopen classroom cries?
They claim push is racist, sexist , and misogyny to closing justify
The tweet to that effect the button was quickly hit to delete
But closed classroom doors will parents and children on the morrow meet
The unions with their dismissal of parents’ concerns for their kids are slapping this in the face
Science says almost no transmission in schools ever takes place
Tossing hate words around like racist, sexist, and misogyny should all disgust
No wonder when it comes to education parents want charters as public schools held union hostage  
they no longer trust

© December 6, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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