Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Joy Behar Claims "White Privilege" Taught In Our Schools Project 1619 Teaches "Systematic Racism"?


This poet has many times asserted that when it comes to The View
Joy and her panelists are on issues without a clue
A slim sliver of hope that sometimes I may have been wrong
When she states history teaching is in a swansong
The history I was taught is history Project 1619 wants to ignore
Far beyond the statues of former Reb generals or slave owning presidents to pull down to ground floor
Joy wants history to be taught more than just contributions of blacks to include
But to devise ways to show how history taught has induced “White Privilege” to in our lives intrude
The reasoning for systematic racism she claims that not only exists but is growing
As 24/7 the PC warriors of intolerance censor and demean slim reeds that it is showing
If there is systematic racism in this county it can only be found in teachers unions and Blues
Whose war against charter schools condemns black youths in urban schools to a life most will rue
Not a pathway to gainful employment or college but more likely to prison and jail
Education is the ladder out of poverty and charter schools are the rungs to success nail
Focus on that Joy rather than your white privilege systematic attack
You will find soon that minorities will be achieving across the board not having to fall back.

© December 9, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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