Monday, December 7, 2020

Reasons to Recall Newsom The List Add To Each Day


Every time in this one party state you stop and look around
You see Gavin Newsom involved in something that doesn’t smell right or is unsound
No one could have predicted the CV pandemic on the U.S. would hit
But anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature should have known if you starting shutting the economy workers would be force to quit
And thousands upon thousands into the millions would heading to the unemployment lines
With staff and computer systems woefully inadequate to perform as they were designed
Newsom’s EDD computers quickly crashed with the deluge and the jobless received no checks
State employees kept getting paid while the jobless lives were wrecked
Looking back Newsom was on a slow walk to the problems correct
Then another problem mired in secrecy hiding financial details that we can reflect
A billion plus deal from you guessed in a Chinese company already in the woodshed for a failed bus deal
Did we or did we not get CV masks or are those facts still being concealed
Now with businesses having had to endure the yo-yo of off and on open and close
With fewer and fewer customers and more and more red ink to show
He orders shut downs of almost the entire state
With maybe 3 weeks the shortest back to normal wait
Allowed liquor stores to be essential but on churches and places of worship an unholy war
The science backing his moves on schools, shutdowns and stay at homes hard if not impossible to find
To those seeing their businesses die and employees laid off without signs of virus spread it seems he has lost his mind
The latest is that thousands of prisoners have scammed $400 million in unemployment checks
Too busy hob nobbing with celebs to conisider to theft by these paragons of virtue sytems to deflect
Maybe the last straw
Of a tenure flawed
Is his arrogance that as to our suffering he does not care
Inconvenience of not dining out with us he does not share
A birthday party celebration for a lobbyist at the French Laundry may have tipped the scales
His do as I say not as I do should bring more signatures to send this failure on the recall trail.
©December 6, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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