Friday, December 11, 2020

Rep Pascrell Needs to Chill Out After Demanding Pelosi Bar 126 Reds From Taking Their Seats

 If you want to hear idiocy, listen to the words of Rep Pascrell

Makes you wish Dante were alive to craft for him a special circle in Hell
His latest grandstand and sick rant that questions whether as a Rep he is fit
Wants Pelosi to prevent 146 Reds who signed amicus brief to not be able to sit
News flash to Pascrell, despite the efforts of MSM to dismiss the charge of voter fraud
Helped by the Big Tech Social Media allies to ban any idea election was flawed
Millions of Americans Reds, Indies and yes a large minority of Blues agree
That battleground states were stolen in a massive voting fraud spree
In 2016 because Trump lost the popular vote the left paraded with “He’s not my president signs”
Ignoring that under the Constitution the determination of the winner is to the Electoral College confined
The courts have save potentially Wisconsin looked at the alleged facts
Without adjudication, the election will be under in minds of million under validity attacks
Here the charge is more damaging and how long Biden lasts before by 25th removed he will be under a cloud
An election not won by legal votes but by fraudulent votes that should not have been allowed
Better for the nation for hacks like Pascrell
To on unifying compromising with Reds dwell

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