Friday, December 4, 2020

Like DUI Breath Analyzer to Blow and DUI Show CV Breath Analyzer to Blow and Infection Show

 In the war against drivers driving impaired with a DUI

A breath analyzer test may their driving more that day and freedom deny
News that a company Tiger Tech Solutions has a breath analyzer in beta service
To detect the presence of CV which in fight against CV virus would greatly serve us
Imagine breathing into the device and very quickly be told
You are infected or you are not and win the virus free medal of gold
Really early to tell whether this blow and virus know will work
As rapid tests now have a tendency with false positives to go berserk
This is a virus that people infected without any symptoms to warn can it spread
With no warning you can be invisibly infected and days later end up really sick or dead
But if we can make the virus visible so it can now no longer hide
And can then quarantine we will almost overnight stop the surging infection tide
The good news is that with Trump soon from the White House to leave
Blues will be falling over themselves with crony capitalism dollars for a product to market achieve

© December 4, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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