Sunday, December 20, 2020

Army Corps of Engineers to California Rescue As State Running Out of Hospital Beds


As we get ready to celebrate the birth of Christ in Bethlehem
We are reminded that the inns there had no room for them
Only a manger with straw to cover the floor
Fast forward to today in the Golden State ICU’s are closing their doors
Flooded by the surge of CV patients there is room for no more
We may be facing a collapse of hospitals as ICU’s admissions soar
The vaccine doses now just being released
Will take time to stem the increase
17,400 patients are in hospital beds across the state
With more than 3600 in ICU’s trying to avoid a mortal fate
Cuomo called wolf earlier over an anticipated CV surge
In what was false alarm, Trump’s orders created 4,000 beds on land at 1000 on water to fears over lack of beds purge
The Army Corps of Engineers can on this crisis for more beds
Work construction miracles to create beds for any  surge that otherwise may end up dead
Trump’s legacy has been unfairly tarnished by Blue winning narrative he was MIA
Ignores the reality of the PPE, ventilators,  travel bans, and Warp Speed vaccines and therapeutics he put in play
In the waning days of his administration he should give the green light
Temporary hospital beds into space remodeled or constructed day and night
Thinking Biden could handle lack of beds emergency need
Is betting on a sure to fail thin reed

© December 19, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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