Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Where's Kamala the Progressives Want to Know She Can't Talk with Mouth Filled with Feathers Eating Crow on Vacinne


Kamala Harris is the poster child of how to in politics get ahead
Find a powerful Blue and to his bed quickly head
Her career advancement to her was all that mattered
No concern to her that Willie Brown was married and infidelity might a home have shattered
Next lesson learned is to a chameleon be
Changing colors to hide whether she did or not agree
Hard on drugs in a state where drug use runs wild
But only against the small time dealers and users with sentences not mild
In the Jungle primary for Senate to be against a fellow Blue
A guaranteed run off finishing in top two
Ran as the liberal darling to be a thorn in the side of Trump
No longer needed Willie and that political tryst dumped
Now a VP-elect with experience and competence on a very short list
Doubt she really has the skills to face after the 25th the issues we face?
Now feeling the wrath of the Progressives of her party for being MIA
On the fight against COVID-19 not joining the fray
Still probably cannot on COVID-19 act because her mouth filled with crow feathers
For her inane stand against vaccine shackled by the anti-Trump tether
Biden is not up to the task of confronting China, Russia and an economy to restore
How much longer do we have to the Illegal Alien Supporter Queen’s MIA ignore.

© December 23, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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