Thursday, December 17, 2020


Listening  to Jen O’Malley label Republicans a bunch of “f***kers
Who voted for Biden to heal and unify must feel like a total sucker
Here is a person who looks like has never held a private sector job
Who has the ear of a senile president to prosperity in the heartland rob

Reds are grown ups and a profanity attack even without “mother” in front
Washes off most of our backs as a to be ignored hack stunt
Clearly this hack who never saw a Blue campaign
That she wouldn’t climb on to control the reins

Should have used another more appropriate word
To conceal the fact she believes half the nation are turds
Her words for her base well chosen and for Reds a call for all hands on deck
Leftist Blues goaded by the Squad are hell bent to with whatever means this nation wreck

We have to stand up in all places
As the PC Warriors try to erase out history traces 
And twenty four seven strongly resist
Ere this gem of a republic lights on a hill will not long exist

© December 17, 2020 aka the Alaskanpoet

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