Monday, December 7, 2020

To Ban or Not Ban Indoor Dining Giroir and Fauci Disagree


Doctor Fauci who many have been rewarded for his CV stances
By Biden after the election as before election it continued to advance
He will be Biden’s top medical advisor and now states Newsom on shut down had no choice
Yet another co-member of the Trump W.H. CV Team is raising a dissenting voice
Admiral Giroir is in accord with limiting the number of people in indoor spaces
But affirms the science does not support that a ban on indoor dining must be in place
Unlike Newsom who probably could not care less
Giroir is concerned with the rise of addiction, suicide, and domestic abuse linked to financial stress
After almost of year of this pandemic why do we not know for certain how far it will travel?
If not more than 6 feet with masks on eating, waiting for service or leaving the case for a ban unravels
We are testing a million and a half to over 2 million a day
Why no data on spreading from restaurants following protocol can we not display?
Until the vaccine starts being disturbed by the millions of doses
The CV will be with us spreading death and economic destruction before we say adios|
Every life lost to the virus comes at a terrible cost
Just as do closed business and lives through “collateral damage” lost.

© December 76, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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