Saturday, December 26, 2020

Kamara Runs for 6 Touchdowns with Red and Green Cleats on Wrong Running Lights Feet


In 1929 with six rushing touchdowns Ernie Nevers
Set a record that after 91 years many thought would last forever
When Kamara rushed his 5th Ernie must have started stirring in his grave
But with lots of time left and Saints on the 1 Kamara taken out to his record save
But for Ernie sole possession of his record was not be
Back in the game with 2 minutes left, game won, the Saints took not a knee
Kamara running like he was unstoppable ran in for one more
A tied record not all that bad Nevers grateful he did not earlier 6th TD score
Vikings hit with the slogan Minnesota is the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes
Most likely many of the Vikings in the off season a boat to the water they will lake
Kamara wore Christmas cleats, one red and one green
Commemorate a game on Christmas Day to add joy to the festive scene
One green cleat of the left, one red cleat on the right
Viking sailors that day must have thought they were running lights
Faked into where the running lights said he would be
Time and time again they missed as he ran free
Kamara may be hit with a Grinch out of uniform fine
If so worth it for his name now shared on the rushing touchdown line

© December 26, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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