Wednesday, December 9, 2020

New Circle In Hell For Swalwell Due Fang Chinese Spy


If Dante were alive today beginning the Inferno to write
He would be adding a new circle as new news comes to light
When we hear of men following the whims of their reptilian brain
We feel disgust not admiration that his urges he would not contain
But when we learn his reptilian brain was seduced by a spy
In a position receiving national security information that was classified
Our feelings turn to seething outrage
Over a man peddling Russian hoax and China’s bidding to wage
Representative Eric Swalwell
Deserves a special new circle in Hell
We  must wonder into Swalwell how deep were the spying fangs
Of his Chinese spy consort now fled to China Fang Fang
Swalwell is the man who bought the false Russian collusion delusion hoax hook line and sinker
With China wanting Trump hobbled, Swalwell’s  liason with Fang Fang was a major clinker
True to form with Feinstein’s history of 20 years with a driver a Chinese spy
Pelosi who put Swalwell on the House Intel continues to any wrong doing deny
We shouldn’t remove him from Congress for passing gas
But having a liaison with Fang Fang means his time in Congress should pass
© December 9, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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