Sunday, December 27, 2020

Jennifer Anniston Has Christmas Tree Ornament Marking 2020 as First Pandemic


Jennifer Aniston may be living proof that genes for entertainment count
And perhaps the Waldorf Method makes dyslexia easier to surmount
Clearly she has the facial images to convey emotions from a script
But when it came to Christmas and the pandemic inanity gripped
People often buy a Christmas decoration to mark an event in the year
Something to remind them of great accomplishments that bring great cheer
Aniston has a wooden disk with “Our first pandemic 2020” printed thereon
Why such a Christmas Tree ornament when over 300,000 Americans passed to the Great Beyond
To celebrate painful and lonely deaths with ventilators into their lungs stuck
With friends and families wanting to encourage or say good bye out of luck?
What script had this actress received to cause her to put it on her tree
While the pandemic continued on its killing spree?
A student of history this actress is not as pandemic was not our first
Our Spanish Flu with 675,000 deaths was much, much worse
Better if we mere mortals went on our daily lives not living for Anniston’s latest acts
We have enough to focus on trying to bring our sense of future promise back

© December 27, 2020

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