Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Long Term Attack Plans of Chinese Swalwell Just an Iceberg Tip


We have been warned many times, America’s time horizon is far too short
If a goal is not accomplished in a business quarter or so, time to pull plug and abort
In politics the time horizon may be longer than a quarter
The time may be until next elections to cultivate donor supporters
Our major adversary today is not Russia but the Chinese
Their goals are long term patiently working to their goals achieve
The Chinese want to penetrate our Congressional halls
Smart enough to know trying to turn a Senator or Rep may well hit a wall
But to try earlier with local, county, or state official better chance to find someone to unknowingly play ball
Swalwell the darling of anti-Trump left was first a lowly city council member of Dublin
Any looking at his chances against 20 term incumbent Rep doubted he would win
Fang may have been targeting all running & Swalwell was 1st 2 respond
When elected Fang was able 2 get an intern likely a spy in his office grounds
Eric may or not have been seduced by her smile & fangs
After a divorce reptilian brains labor 2 avoid a bang

Gr8 question 2 ask Pelosi is why Swalwell picked 2 B on House Intel
Gr8 question also 2 ask if she knew Fang as she named Swalwell
A wakeup call that we are under hacking, IP theft; unfair trade practices and diplomatic attack
Until Trump we ignored threat & did little if anything 3 fight back
Now we have Biden w/Hunter son up 2 his eyeballs in Chinese potential extortions
W/2 FBI criminal investigations & China bent on world standing reapportion
Flow of spies concealed as students must end
Time 2 stop flow of Chinese funds 2 universities 4 influence trend
Time 4 fake news MSM silent on Hunter 2 open its eyes & ears
Objectively pursue Chinese meddling & interference w/o hesitation or fear

© December 14, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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