Monday, December 28, 2020

Thin Skinned Jake Tapper Whose Cack Coated Views Belong in the Crapper Hurt Because of Mean Retweets


CNN “journalist” Tapper is either in a permanent state of molt
Or he takes the cake for being on the planet the dumbest dolt
Tweet rants that while CV pandemic rages Trump is retweeting mean tweets
Upset that being called “Fake Tapper “ somehow Twitter did not ban and delete
The fact that Tapper and CNN are the epitome of news that is fake
Either by commission or omission, objectivity is a trait to which they cannot relate
Here is what Trump should have tweeted to reveal
How he and most of main street America on Jake Tapper really feel
The views expressed by CNN and Jake Tapper
Are so full of Cack they should be flushed down the crapper
Only way to get rid of the stench and smell
Of failed ideas no one wants to buy but they keep trying to sell
And for once biased Brian Stelter did not join to drive us into shelter
Normally with his bias is like a Journalist Manson urging Helter Skelter
© December 28, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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