Friday, December 11, 2020

No Answer From Biden On Hunter Other Than I Am Proud Of My Son


The shield of silence from Social Media Giants and the MSM insured that words
On Hunter’s quid pro quo scandals with his father were by the public rarely if at all heard
Biden still seems less like a President Elect and more like a hiding basement bunker rat
Hiding from questions that an independent press might use to the truth of Hunter’s scandals arrive at
He refused to answer questions on Hunter’s potential crimes he has done
Only while walking by what one would expect tout he is proud of his son
Wonder if he is proud because the China deal reserved for him a secret 10 percent
Or on Burisma Hunter was so credible that Biden’s threat on withholding aid made Ukraine relent
Biden’s biggest fear should be that without Trump to attack, ratings for MSM will drop
The anti-Trump haters like Acosta, Tapper, Lemon and Cuomo  will be shown as journalistic flops
To keep getting paid they really are going to have to real journalists ape
Start asking Biden tough objective probing questions that with his fading mentals he can’t escape
Not tied to a well scripted teleprompter Biden is not in any way mentally fit
Shows why with 25th Harris wanted to be VP which today is worth far more than a warm bucket of spit.

© December 11, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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