Sunday, December 6, 2020

Brainwashing Systematic Racism Deja Vu for San Diego Teachers Too Bad MSM Journalists on Intoleranced Not in Class TooMers

 In the Korean War American POW’s fortunate enough not to be executed on the spot

Were exposed to mandatory lectures and classes trying to persuade them what Communism is not

Maybe because the propaganda so laughable  like the broadcasts of Tokyo Rose or Axis Sally

At war’s end added very, very few converts to switch over to the North tally

When the Korean War was finally done

Number among thousands of Americans choosing to stay stood at 21

Of the 100,000 Communists fortunate enough to be taken alive

One in four chose to stay in the South to their lives as citizens not soldiers revive

Maybe the messages were not tried with any degree of skill

But clearly were ineffective to break the POW’s will

From the left in America today another attempt to brainwash is coming our way

We are being informed that we are guilty of systematic racism that we must allay

So like POWs in a reeducation camp, to keep jobs classes on white privilege teachers must take

An illegal requirement that is totally without merit and half baked

But what from the left sadly we have come to expect

Time to rise up in the courts and before school boards to reject

Too bad MSM journalists cannot be forced to accept systematic intolerance trait

Forced to report objectively other conservative views the end of gridlock then not long to wait

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