Thursday, December 31, 2020

Social Media Iron Curtain Threat to Republic Blues Want to Keep Sec 230 So $2000 Checks Blocked Thank Chuck


This poet’s claim to fame is that he can rhyme on the dime
But is not an Oracle of Delphi to from the stones know what will happen in future time
Save after seeing the Iron Curtain of Social Media free speech try to erase
Twitter, Facebook and Google are driven to from marketplace of ideas non leftist ideas chase
Even to Blues, the danger of censorship should be present and clear
Something that all of us in this republic of ours should really fear
When the !st was ratified there was no internet, no radio, TV, phones or amps to ideas spread
Posters, pamphlets, books, press, and word of mouth instead
Now if banned or filtered from social media you no longer exist
What power diluted by lobbyist dollars, now gone along with any power to resist
Biggest fear of the founding fathers was that a government too strong would opposition to its decrees block
2020 election for those on either side believing in need for free press and speech should come as a shock
Social Media leaders fearful of a loss of Section 230 shield
Pulled out the stops to insure a Biden win was sealed
Flagged tweets. banned tweets, anti-Biden stories not trending
A 24/7 assault on free speech and conservative thought that was never ending
The MSM sold its journalistic soul to became part and parcel of the DNC
Insuring any scandal or negative press on Biden, voters would never see
Now there is a bill in the Senate for $2,000 stimulus checks that has 2 great links
End Section 230 shield and form a commission on election security to avoid fraud that faith in the democratic process sinks
Blues are howling in opposition to the links
As really desperate Americans suffer hope Blues come to sense and blink
Maybe they forgot the Biden hiding in the basement campaign
Will learn to their great anger that with him transparency has long been flushed down drain

© December 31, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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