Monday, December 28, 2020

UT To Be Condemned for Rush to Judgment on Mimi Groves


Know the truth and the truth will set you free
Lofty motto to which with courage would cause us to agree
In real world sometimes in shades of gray hard to follow
And when you watch UT cave on Mimi Groves the motto rings hollow
All of us even presidents of UT were young and freer spirits once
Looking back as adults easy to see many times behavior was that of a dunce
Probably why we have reform schools and juvenile courts
To the rash acts of a youth forgive but in the future temper and abort
Young Mimi Groves was a high school cheer leader with a dream
To apply and be admitted to UT and try out for its cheer leaders’ team
At 15 this young white teen made a 3 sec selfie mistake
Used the N* word as she was so cool she passed the driving test she had to take
Probably sent it to a few friends to share her keys to the car joy
Some of whom passed it on to the sharing enjoy
Jimmy Gallican her classmate is half black and half white
Found it on his phone and was disturbed by the sight
May have complained to the school but was not satisfied
Kept it for three years for the moment for revenge to Mimi’s dreams deny
Learning she had been admitted to UT and had a cheerleader team slot
Released the clip to social media to insure her dreams would go for naught
A three sec clip branded her a racist as deep and lasting as a Scarlet A
The PC Warriors like ants to a picnic table swarmed with “righteous” anger to display
The UT and its cheerleader team deserve better than this
Intense pressure mounted by Boyd’s administration  to her admission be dismissed
Branded an evil racist too hard for an 18 year old frosh to endure
Resigned to escape the harassment and bullying she would see for sure
Where was President Boyd in this judgment rush?
And the long held dreams to be crushed?
Probably regretting due to the PC Warriors he had lost his spine
Breathing a sigh of relief Mimi Groves chose to resign
What kind of a nation have we become with minds so closed and skins so thin?
That any youthful indiscretion is forever branded and so punished with a you are a racist spin.
© December 28, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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