Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Poem Letter to a Lonely 99 Year Old WWII Vet

 Fox News posted an item of a 99 year old WWII Vet Leroy Haug who was lonely during Christmas made worse by the fact his wife had died in August. He received 1000 letters for Christmas from total strangers. After reading the article,, I dropped this into the mail box. We must never let the surviving dwindling numbers of the Greatest Generation to be forgotten.

Leroy Haug
107 Wind Road
Ferdinand, IN 47532
Dear Leroy
A member of the Greatest Generation must never feel alone
From the living born after who should honor your bravery against the evils far from home
The Axis Powers against your courage and sacrifice really had not a chance
As you and millions geared up, by late 42 the Axis Powers ceased to advance
But almost 3 more years of blood, sweat, and tears and coffins interred in hallowed ground
Mussolini, Hitler and Hirohito all finally came tumbling down
My father served in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific off Okinawa so misnamed
As Kamikazes bobbed and weaved diving to try to crash into ships with their planes
My heart goes out to you since your wife in August has died
Like the geese who mate for life such sadness when a mate no longer flies
A grateful nation should thank you big time for making us aware
Of your sadness during Christmas that hung in the winter air
This poet prays to his Irish Gods to protect you and bring you much joy
A hero among like the other dwindling Band of Brothers that evil in WWII did destroy



The Alaskanpoet

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