Thursday, December 31, 2020

BLM Wants Monthly Checks Instead of a Stimulus: Reparations?

The latest demand from the BLM is that a stimulus check is not enough
They want monthly checks to in their pockets for “survival” stuff
Not sure if this is the opening salvo to expand dramatically the welfare state
No way will Native Americans, Hispanics and Whites be left out of the buffet welfare plate
If pigmentation is the test one must pass to get a monthly check
Sure starts to look like reparations the policy the Blues want to elect
In the antebellum South the plantation master paid for the needs of his slaves
They were clothed, sheltered and fed from cradle to grave
A condition linked to slavery that thank God at the cost of lives by the thousands was shed
Now instead of labor and loss of freedom it will be votes for Blues instead
Another new plantation owner but loss of freedom will be the same
Never to rise above the poverty and loss of freedom chains
Most likely the checks will be sold as a brief lifeline to get back on their feet to move ahead
Hopefully the demand is not linked only to color but income or lack thereof instead
Another gigantic War on Poverty that like the last one will keep blacks economically chained
Never to as CV pandemic starts to fade the gains made under Trump again gained
A better plan might be not for monthly checks
But an end to inane and aggressive shutdowns most suffering Americans reject
When another black is sadly shot and protests spill out into the streets
Peaceful protests by masked protestors not rioting and looting without masks for TV viewers to greet
© December 31,2020 The Alaskanpoet

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