Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Trevor's at the Tracks Great Place to Eat in San Juan CV Free


In a time when ICU admissions in the Golden State continue to soar
And the invisible enemy shows no desire of ending its viral war
As fearful humans look forward to an great meal to score
Wondering if CV safeguards a restaurant might chose to ignore
Such a relief to sit on a huge patio in the shade with the breeze flowing free
Clearly a place a virus would avoid but safe for omnivores like you and me
Trevor’s at the Tracks in San Juan where the swallows land but do not dine
Great place to eat next to the Surfliners and Metrolinks plying down the line
A cup of Southern fish chowder so seasoned to make one head to Dixie land
And service by a server named Jackie whose serving skills were more than grand
Local brews to support on a menu with choice IPA’s
Knew her wares and her recommendation was perfect that day
A generous Caesar with dressing superb and to my surprise
One could ask for a boatload almost of anchovies  that a buck and a half buys
Roasters of fine coffee would do well to visit and take note
Well worth several refills and to the aroma and flavor devote
It has been a while since I last visited Trevor’s at the Tracks
Due to service, quality and atmosphere this poet will soon be coming back
And as a bonus to be appreciated and enjoyed
San Juan parking structure needs not payments to be employed
© December 1, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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