Friday, March 11, 2016

VA Still a Mess CEO/COO of WWP Cannedsti

What is the rarest event in the world a curious person might ask?
It has to be an executive at the VA failing to fulfill his or her tasks
The VA’s treatment of our vets is an absolute mess
The news is full of stories of little if any progress
The latest is a report of thousands upon thousands of suicide hotline dropped calls
Hotlines are often the voices of last resort effective in the urge to end a vet’s life stall
More vets are dying by suicide at the rate of at least 22 a day
More than in Iraq or Afghanistan by insurgents seeking Americans to slay
With unemployment and PTS affecting many of our vets
And the wounded warriors to whom we owe an even greater debt
The VA’s treatment or lack thereof is a complete national disgrace
More so when the there seems to be no political will to hold incompetents accountable and quickly replace
Imagine the depression and crushing sense of hopeless despair
A vet at the end of his rope, abandoned in the web of lost files to be ensnared
Never ending, increasing wait times to see a doctor for care
Death the only option as the VA’s cupboard of compassion toward a vet remains bare
Like a tale of two cities time to the private sector’s response compare
The Wounded Warrior Project has touched our hearts and into our checkbooks reached deep Trying to fulfill the promises of care the VA seems impotent to keep
The news first reported several months ago of lavish spending on parties, admin, travel
and conventions
Was about as bad the VA cooking its books on waitimes to pay unwarranted bonuses invention
The board of WWP was quick to act as fund raising problems with the scandal would quickly mount
Today the CEO and the COO were held to account
Today the CEO and the COO were sacked
Watch how quickly the amount of and nature of expenses are put back on the right track
While at the VA promises of reform are made but ring hollow
When will it ever the VA the example of WWP follow?
        © March 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
        Alaskanpoet for Hire, Poems t1 Admire
        Poet Extraordinaire Beyond Compare
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