Saturday, March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016 Mush Report on the Iditarod

March 12, 2016 Mush Report on the Iditarod from the Alaskanpoet
Breaking news from the Iditarod that is really tragic. Jeff King and Aily Zirkle were both attacked by a snowmachine near the Nulato checkpoint. Jeff King required medical treatment as did two of his dogs and his dog Nash was killed. Aliy Zirkle had one dog injured. A suspect has been identified and hopefully will be arrested and if found guilty of attempted murder, assault and cruelty to animals and sent away for a very, very long time. Both remained in the race--Alaskans are very tough people both emotionally and physically. 
Brent Sass has just left Kaitag 629 miles from the start and Mitch Seavey is still in Kaitag. Aily Zirkle, Dallas Seavey and Wade Marrs have left Nulato 582 miles from the start in that order with Wade Marrs only three minutes behind Seavey.
The Berrington twins Kristy and Anna are in 44th and 45th and have left Ruby 495 miles from the start. DeeDee Jonrowe arrived at Ruby this morning and is still there. Ellen Helverson has moved out of last place into next to last but out of Ophir and Billy Stongrass is last and still in Ophir 352 miles from the start. The number of mushers that have dropped out has climbed to seven. Here is a photo of Mitch Seavey mushing into Kaitag

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